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Title Arthur and the Ice Rink
Series Arthur
Price $ 8.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9781907912214

Title Arthur and the Ice Rink
Series Arthur
Author Johanne Mercier
Format Paperback
RRP $ 15.00
Product Description I'm Arthur, and I'm seven. In the summer, I really like staying with my grandparents by Picket Lake, but in the winter I can get a bit bored. This year, it was even colder and icier that normal. Grandpa told me all about the time he won a medal in the Great Crossing of Picket Lake. Then Cousin Eugene an idea. But ice-skating was harder than it looked. Arthur is a seven-year-old boy who is brilliant at being a seven-year-old-boy. When Arthur visits his grandparents' house by the lake, more often than not, he becomes entangled in a new adventure, which he must solve with the help of his pet duck and useless dog - and hopefully without too much help from eccentric Cousin Eugene. These are witty stories full of understated humour and populated by quirky yet recognisable characters, and narrated by Arthur who has the rational worldview that comes exclusively from being seven-years-old. - REVIEWS OF ARTHUR AND THE ICE RINK - "Perfect for new readers, these stories, narrated by Arthur himself, are perfectly pitched so young readers will readily identify with Arthur, a likeable character" -- PARENTS IN TOUCH. "Arthur and the Ice Rink by Johanne Mercier is a short book about seven-year-old Arthur and told by him. When he goes to visit his grandparents, Arthur is disappointed that there is no ice-rink, but he has reckoned without clever cousin Eugene. The easy and funny little tale is ideal for newly fluent readers who will enjoy both the words and the pictures" -- THE SCOTSMAN. "Amusing, easy to follow adventures, these are very age-appropriate, reader-friendly books...a very good series for the target age group" -- THE SCHOOL LIBRARIAN. "A great little series for newly independent readers. Short and simple, yet engaging and fun, this is a perfect series for children to try to attempt on their own. The illustrations help break the text and help set the humorous atmosphere. Arthur is a loveable and quirky character who will appeal to both boys and girls." -- LIBRARY MICE.
ISBN 978-1-907912-21-4