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Title Rugby Fitness Training: A Twelve-Month Conditioning Programme
Price $ 22.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9781861268501

Title Rugby Fitness Training: A Twelve-Month Conditioning Programme
Author Ben Wilson
Format Paperback
RRP $ 29.95
Product Description Rugby is a sport that embraces players of every shape, size and fitness level. The success a player achieves, no matter what position he plays, will depend on his physical abilities. This book explains how those abilities, and therefore playing performance, can be improved. This book: discusses the mechanics of the human body, the classification of physical abilities and what is needed to succeed; examines the training methodology associated with aerobic, endurance, sprint, agility, plyometric, resistance, flexibility and core training; provides detailed explanations of a wide range of exercises; considers testing, the principles involved in designing training programmes and presents and easy-to-use, ten-step model that allows a player to formulate his own twelve-month training programme.
ISBN 978-1-861268-50-1