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Title When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man
Price $ 24.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9781472100702

Title When Captain Flint Was Still a Good Man
Author Nick Dybek
Format Paperback
RRP $ 36.99
Product Description The small fishing community of Loyalty Island depends on the Gaunt family fleet for survival. Each winter, Cal's father sets sail for Alaska to trawl for crab, leaving Cal behind to imagine him making his way across the sea, bound for a place as mythical and mysterious as Treasure Island. At 14, Cal may be too young to join the adventure, but he is old enough to know that everything depends on the fate of those few boats thousands of miles north.

When the fleet's owner, John Gaunt, dies, he leaves the community's livelihood - it's very future - in peril. Soon, Cal starts to question the true nature of his mother's relationship with Gaunt, and is plagued by suspicions that his father may have taken extreme measures to save the fleet from extinction . . . As winter approaches, full of doubts about his loyalty to his own flesh and blood, his moral compass in shatters, Cal is forced to make a terrible choice. 
ISBN 978-1-472100-70-2