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Title Help, I'm Trapped in My Duvet
Price $ 19.00
UOM Each
Barcode 9781472102553

Title Help, I'm Trapped in My Duvet
Author Howard Lester
Format Paperback
RRP $ 28.99
Product Description

Most people understand what an emergency is and only call out the police, fire brigade or ambulance when they really need to. However, there is a weird minority who will dial 911 if they lose their keys, if their phone isn't working, if they need a lift home from a party or even if they have become hopelessly trapped in their own duvet! This hilarious collection of true stories brings together some of the world's most ridiculous emergency calls, including: the woman who called the police because MacDonalds was out of Chicken Mcnuggets; the priest who dialed 999 because WH Smiths at Manchester Airport wouldn't let him use their toilet; the boy who called an ambulance because his poodle was looking sad; the man whose watch read the same time for three hours who called the police to report that...wait for it...time was standing still; and then there was the man who had taken too much viagra...

ISBN 978-1-472102-55-3