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Title Wonderful World
Price $ 16.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9781846969102

Title Wonderful World
Author Amy Bauman and Jim Pipe
Format Paperback
RRP $ 30.00
Product Description Exploring the landscape and makeup of the planet, from the molten core to thunder and lightning found in the atmosphere, this reference explains the planet%u2019s complex ecosystems and the effect that humanity is having upon it. The bite-size chunks of information expound on the science and geography of the planet%u2014how plants and animals rely on each other to survive; the Earth%u2019s resources, both renewable and nonrenewable; how fossils are formed; the effect of global warming; and how humans can help to protect and preserve the Earth%u2019s valuable resources for the future. Children will learn all about how the planet works with this fantastic book that is packed full of amazing facts and fabulous imagery.
ISBN 978-1-846969-10-2