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Title 9
Series Last Thirteen
Price $ 10.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9781742831886

Title 9
Series Last Thirteen
Author James Phelan
Format Paperback
RRP $ 17.00
Product Description 13 books. 13 nightmares. 1 destiny. Are you one of them? Not this, anything but this. In the aftermath of their devastating tragedy, the Academy turns towards an unlikely ally. But Sam's trust in everyone around him continues to be tested to the limits. Sam journeys to South America, his dream leading him to a long-lost ancient city. Hidden deep within the Amazon rainforest, he is forced to navigate deadly traps in pursuit of another Gear. Can Sam work out who the next dreamer is in time, or will his enemies succeed once more? He must find the last 13. They must fight on.
ISBN 978-1-742831-88-6