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Title What is Beautiful?
Price $ 11.50
UOM Each
Barcode 9780963759771

Title What is Beautiful?
Author Etan Boritzer
Format Paperback
RRP $ 20.00
Product Description WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL? presents various views of beauty and provides parents with ways to begin an interactive dialogue with their children in order to explore underlying ideas of what constitutes true beauty. Promoting good will and tolerance through a multicultural approach, WHAT IS BEAUTIFUL? helps children acquire a deeper understanding of the more rewarding beauty of inner values. Nancy Forrest provides upbeat and culturally diverse illustrations. What is Beautiful? Is a butterfly with deep-coloured wings beautiful? Is a red, red rose sticking straight up in the sunshine beautiful? Is a peacock with many bright feathers beautiful? Are a bunch of red yellow green purple pink balloons floating up into the blue blue sky beautiful? These and many other examples are presented and illustrated in this book. Ages 4-10.
ISBN 978-0-963759-77-1