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Title Die Now or Live Forever
Series Vampire Dawn
Price $ 12.00
UOM Each
Barcode 9781841671604

Title Die Now or Live Forever
Series Vampire Dawn
Author Anne Rooney Etc
Format Paperback
RRP $ 21.00
Product Description Five teenagers camping in a forest in Hungary stumble across a dead body. That's scary enough - but what happens next is beyond scary. The discovery triggers a terrifying decent in to blood-lust and vampirism that leads them in to an ancient underworld rules by a French nobleman nearly 400 years old. Edgy and exciting, this book is a fantastic addition to the vampire genre. The first part of the clever Vampire Dawn series, this story intertwines fascinating historical (vampire) figures with the contemporary world, a group of teenagers, smartphones and the internet. This book is ideal for reluctant readers who want to delve into the world of vampires.
ISBN 978-1-841671-60-4